Oke Eko Awareness e. V. has its aims and tasks in the following areas:


These days a lot of children in Africa are living in absolute poverty and don't have the chance to go to school. Though they have the ability and the will to learn, they are lacking the possibility. We think it's a shame in the world we are living today. As we want to change this fact, we all can make it possible for underprivileged children to attend school.


Knowledge is the assumption to see through a situation and to make the right decision. Unfortunately, a lot of children in Africa lack knowledge and consequently they cannot choose in life. Therefore we make them aware of the importance of education and lay the foundations to acquire necessary knowledge.

Thoughts for tomorrow

Children are a gift from God, and no child is born bad from birth. They just emulate what they see and hear. So each child schould be worth of being cared for. We see our task in directing the political view on the future generations. We want people to realize that we are supposed to make possible a good future for the children of tomorrow.

Return home

We help Africans and other people, who are stranded in other countries after a failed attempt to emigrate. Often they don't have the possibility to return back to their home country. For many travel in the hope of a better life, but they often get into life danger, hopelessness and disappointment. We want to help these people to come back, for returning home is always better than dying alone in a strange country.
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